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Holiday packaging is here, friends! From now through December 26, all of our traditionally tied cream & black caramel bags and boxes can also come packed in red & white twine and/or red ribbon. Your choice - free of charge! Choose either traditional or holiday packaging at checkout. Spread the holiday cheer with delicious, pretty, natural caramels, perfect for stuffing stockings, sharing with neighbors and co-workers, rewarding teachers, or sending to friends (it's easy!).

Happy Holidays!

crafted by hand

Welcome to Cake and Caramel Co. Also known as Celia and Courtney - we're all about good taste, good ingredients, and good design. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we stir and craft each caramel and baked good by hand. Inspiration finds us in the form of California's food scene, farmer's markets, and bountiful crops, with a hint of old world, rustic enthusiasm added to the mix.