The 10 Most Delicious Wedding Favors - California Style


Getting the right wedding favors can be tricky. Are your guests really going to use that monogrammed shot glass again? How about those oddly shaped coasters? We recommend wedding favors which are smallish (easily packed in a carry-on) and edible. While not everyone has the same palette, that handmade artisanal chocolate will likely be enjoyed a bit more than a crocheted teapot cover.


1. Olive Oil


Olive You So Much


Cook with it, drizzle it over a salad, mix with balsamic vinegar and dip that crusty bread into it - most people will actually use this liquid gold. Buy a bigger bottle and repackage into smaller customized glass containers. Try something higher quality and California grown, like McEvoy Ranch, which has a bolder, more intense flavor than many mass produced oils.

Photo: Momento Cativo, Wedding Chicks


2. Anything in a Weck Container


Wecking Day


Because these glasses are cute, functional, can be filled with so many things (California almonds, jam, limoncello, etc, etc), and can be re-purposed (think snacks on the go, picnic containers, storage for household goods like push pins or coins), not to mention tied with sweet ribbons and tags, we love them. The 2.7 ounce containers sold at Crate and Barrel are a perfect wedding favor size. 

Photo: Williams Sonoma


3. Local Chocolate

top edible wedding favors - chocolate

Until Chocolate Do 

Us Part


Need we say more? San Francisco based Dandelion Chocolate and Poco Dolce are nice Bay Area options - we love the latter's Aztec Chile Tiles.

Photo: Playful Cooking


4. Cheese

top edible wedding favors - cheese

You Make Me Melt


Because your guests can eat it on the way home. Or in the morning. Or make a cheese board like the one above. Because - cheese. And in the Bay Area, we have some lovely cheese manufacturer's like those located in the grassy slopes of Point Reyes. Think Cowgirl Creamery up north, or Harley Farms goat cheese in Pescardero. Mmmmmm, yum. 

Photo: Wholefully


5. Coffee


You Bean So Much


What's not to love about coffee puns? Love is brewing ... the perfect blend... Blue Bottle, Ritual - pick your local coffee roaster and fill up a custom-labeled bag (which you can find on Etsy).

Photo: Green Wedding Shoes


6. California Trail Mix

trail mix is a great wedding favor

I'm Nuts For You


As a state that grows some of the most (and best ;-)) almonds, apricots, and other fruits and nuts in the world, mix together your own favorite varieties. No shortage of puns here either. Happy trails, anyone?

Photo: Good Cheap Eats


7. Self Assembled Drink Kit


Chin Chin!


Go with a custom cocktail kit by including items like a small bottle of gin or vodka, a piece of fruit - say fresh California clementines, and a soda like San Pelligrino Citrus or Blood Orange. We have a lovely fresh grapefruit, gin, and thyme cocktail recipe for you here


8. Honeycomb

honeycomb wedding favors

Will You Bee My Honey?


Honey has been a wedding favor staple for some time - why not up the game with some unaltered Sonoma honeycomb? Not to mention that the bee population could use some love, as bee colonies have been on the decline in the U.S.

Photo: Shed


9. Seasonal Fruit

cherries wedding favors

Apple of My Eye


Simple and straightforward. Nothing says summer (wedding) like a bowl of cherries.


10. Caramels

caramel wedding favors

Caramel Me Away



You didn't think we could write a post like this without mentioning our deliciously homemade caramels? With flavors like Honey Lavender and Orange Rosemary - we love to draw on the flavors of our sunny, produce-producing state. Pack four of these into containers, bags, or jars (or we'll do it for you!) - and your guests will leave with a sweet treat.

Do you have any other scrummy wedding favor ideas? Let us know!